KanCare benefits must be renewed every year.

You will receive a renewal notice each year. It’s very important to renew so you don’t have any interruption in your KanCare coverage.

Once you’ve been approved for KanCare, you’ll be in the health care program you chose for one year.  Each year you’ll receive a renewal notice.  The yearly renewal allows you to add family members, update your contact information such as telephone number, and update any changes to your income over the past year.

Keep KanCare up to date on your family information! Complete the renewal immediately to guarantee there is no disruption in your child or family coverage. If you find it difficult to fill out your renewal or have any questions, we can help you.

Did you move?

If you’ve changed your address since you enrolled in KanCare, it’s possible that you won’t get your renewal notice.  Be sure to keep your address information up to date by calling 1-800-792-4884, the KanCare clearinghouse.

It’s very important to watch for the renewal notice.  Please know if you fail to send in your renewal on-time, you will have to complete a new application for yourself and/or your children with KanCare.

Call our Outreach Coordinator at 833-309-0121 or send us an email at hkk@healthykansaskids.org before your renewal form is due for return.  We can help you with any changes in your family situation or if you want to change your managed care organization.