The Ears Have it

It happens to just about every child under the age of three. It’s the single most common reason children visit their healthcare providers. What is it? The dreaded ear infection. Five out of six children have at least one ear infection before they turn three. The ear has three mainRead More →

Learning about learning disabilities

With so many kids in remote school, parents are now the on-site eyes and ears of the teachers. When it comes to how we learn, teachers are often the first to notice a learning difference. As parents who oversee remote school activities, you may be the first to notice thatRead More →

Time for a Dental Check-up

In this week’s video Diego introduces Doreen Eyler who talks about what her team does and why you need to get regular dental care. Hi I’m the Dental Hygiene Manager at GraceMed and I’m over the clinics, satellites, and portable dental equipment. You may have seen us in one ofRead More →

Baby proofing your home

It’s thrilling to think that a new baby will be joining your family. Babies bring so much joy and expectation for the future. Whether this is your first baby or one of many, you will want to do everything you can to make sure your little one grows up happyRead More →

Summer Safety

Summer is the time that all children look forward to because school is out, the sunshine is abundant and there is plenty of time to be with friends. This year, summer may look a bit different with social distancing and masks but it can still be fun. These health andRead More →

Sibling Rivalry

We all want our children to be the best of friends. But that doesn’t always happen easily. And when your children don’t get along, it can be very exhausting and stressful. If you’re worried about sibling rivalry, you’re not alone. Sibling rivalry is described as jealousy, fighting, or conflicts betweenRead More →

Coping with Change

We know that children do well with routines. There’s the morning routine, then off to school or daycare. After school, there is another routine that could include homework, chores, or playing. Then it’s dinner and bedtime rituals. These help children settle in because they know what’s expected. But what happensRead More →


Raising a child can be tough, especially when he or she is not following instructions or arguing with a sibling. Separating your child from the situation is a good solution, giving the child time to calm down and think. The key to effective use of “time out” is to makeRead More →

Making Peace with Picky Eaters

It’s no secret that eating healthy while young is important for growth and development. When you start these habits young, it helps maintain healthy eating as you age. Healthy eating includes having a variety of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fat-free and low-fat dairy products, a variety of proteins (fish,Read More →

Anxiety in Children

We are living in very interesting times. There is no way to ignore or escape the change to our daily routines. With children, this may cause anxiety and stress. They may be worried about friends, teachers, and what they will have for lunch. And when parents are also facing concernsRead More →