Anxiety in Children

We are living in very interesting times. There is no way to ignore or escape the change to our daily routines. With children, this may cause anxiety and stress. They may be worried about friends, teachers, and what they will have for lunch. And when parents are also facing concernsContinue Reading

Coronavirus prevention

The coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, is part of a family of viruses that cause illnesses like the common cold. Almost everyone gets a virus at some point. And most of the time you’ll recover easily.  This virus is different because it’s new and we don’t know what causes theContinue Reading

The importance of play

With the rise of electronic media, games and the internet, it’s no surprise the children are less active than ever. Children and teens spend about 7 hours per day watching television, playing electronic games and using the internet. Outside play has dropped more than 50%, it’s a cause of concernContinue Reading

Kids feel safe

The television, the internet, and social media all have the ability to shrink the world and bring everything into our homes. With the media focus on violence and tragedy, it’s especially important that parents and caregivers work to help kids feel safe. Watching the news can make kids worry, especiallyContinue Reading

How much is too much screentime

Kids seem to be getting into technology earlier than ever before.  It seems like the minute they can hold a smartphone, they are watching cartoons via YouTube and playing simple games.  And the television, a long time source of entertainment for youngsters, is even more addicting with the ability toContinue Reading

Well Child Visits

From the day your child is born until they reach the age of 18, pediatricians want to monitor their growth and development.  These doctors appointments are called “well-child” visits.  Regular visits with your child’s doctor not only helps keep your child healthy,  they also help develop a level of trustContinue Reading

Should you get a pet

Adding a pet to your family can be beneficial in a number of ways. On the one hand, pets can be a lot of work. On the other, children can learn and grow from interactions with pets. Before bringing in a pet, be sure your child is ready for theContinue Reading

About those vaccinations

Every year children are exposed to any number of diseases and illnesses. You may have heard of a child catching chickenpox or whooping cough, but you may not even remember smallpox, a disease that caused scarring and blindness. That’s because there have been no cases of smallpox since 1977. OverContinue Reading

Making the Connection

Babies are special and unique. More than just tiny humans, they have the power to melt hearts while keeping you up all night long. One of the first things parents notice, after counting fingers and toes, is their eyes. Looking intently (gazing) into your baby’s eyes is a significant partContinue Reading