Time for a Dental Check-up

It’s Time for a Dental Check Up

In this week’s video Diego introduces Doreen Eyler who talks about what her team does and why you need to get regular dental care.

Hi I’m the Dental Hygiene Manager at GraceMed and I’m over the clinics, satellites, and portable dental equipment. You may have seen us in one of your schools where we came and cleaned your teeth and screened your teeth, gave you a new toothbrush.

I think you recognize we just haven’t seen each other for a little while. COVID had a little hiccup with us.

We’ve noticed though, now that we’re trying to do all of our dental hygiene services again  that everyone seems to be coming to us with cavities and gum infections. That carbohydrate snacking that we all did while we were home and out of our routine schedules has created havoc and it’s time to come in and get your teeth cleaned and

We’ll take an x-ray, the dentist will do an exam and we’ll clean your teeth and start you over again. It’s really important to get that infection taken care of.

And those baby teeth are really important, they are parking spaces for permanent teeth. So come see us every 6 months. Give us a call!

As a reminder, KanCare does cover dental services. And if you need any assistance applying for KanCare be sure to give us a call.


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