The Ears Have it

It happens to just about every child under the age of three. It’s the single most common reason children visit their healthcare providers. What is it? The dreaded ear infection. Five out of six children have at least one ear infection before they turn three. The ear has three mainRead More →

Coronavirus prevention

The coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, is part of a family of viruses that cause illnesses like the common cold. Almost everyone gets a virus at some point. And most of the time you’ll recover easily.  This virus is different because it’s new and we don’t know what causes theRead More →

Well Child Visits

From the day your child is born until they reach the age of 18, pediatricians want to monitor their growth and development.  These doctors appointments are called “well-child” visits.  Regular visits with your child’s doctor not only helps keep your child healthy,  they also help develop a level of trustRead More →

Too Sick for School?

When it’s cold outside, children seem to get sick easily.  And when winter arrives, illnesses spread like a wildfire!  The key to keeping your child well is good healthcare and making sure they aren’t exposed to the germs that cause illness.  Your child’s school is one place where a lotRead More →

A child with her doctor

Whether you’re new to the area or you just found that your child’s doctor is retiring, it’s not easy to find a new doctor.  As a parent you want to make sure  your child receives the best care but how do you know which doctor to choose? Children are usuallyRead More →