Practicing Patience

It seems everyone is in a hurry these days. We expect things to happen quickly and have the best outcome possible in every situation. It has become very difficult to practice patience. Patience is the ability to accept or tolerate delays or extra necessary effort without getting annoyed or upset.Read More →

Overcoming Shyness

All of us feel shy at one time or another. Children, especially, seem to have bouts of shyness when around new people or new surroundings. Actually, a child who is shy feels anxious in new situations. They might feel like they are “on show” especially when parents ask them toRead More →

Children and Secondhand Smoke

Over the years, smoking has gone from an accepted past time to a habit that should be avoided. Medical professionals have learned more about the dangers of smoking on the human body. They have also shared the effects of secondhand smoke on the smallest humans: children. There are two typesRead More →